A Dozen Reasons to Become a Reading Ambassador

  1. You’ll Be Spreading the Word About a Positive New Series for Kids: Mystery Ryders books are kid-friendly, entertaining, and nightmare-free. They engage young readers without scaring them or scarring them. And our stories are good to the last page.
  2. You’ll Also Be Sharing the Good News About a Free, 5-Day-a-Week Newsletter for Kids: Five days each week The Daily Ryder offers fresh content, facts, and fun for elementary-school readers. It’s always free, always positive, and always informative.
  3. You’ll Earn 10% on All Sales Shipped to Your Territory: As a Mystery Ryders Reading Ambassador, you’ll earn 10% on all purchases from our online stores that are shipped into your territory. You’ll be paid quarterly.
  4. You”ll be the Only Reading Ambassador in Your Territory: That means that for the next 12 months you’ll earn your 10% on all sales that are shipped into your territory (not just the direct sales that you make personally). No wonder there’s only room for one Reading Ambassador per territory!
  5. It’s Affordable: Ambassadorships come in six sizes, based on population. A one-year small-town Ambassadorships cost just $17.95. For obvious reasons, larger territories cost more, but they’re worth it.  BTW: There’s also a “free-Ambassadorship” offer when you purchase a starter-set of Mystery Ryders books. To check out our amazing deals, visit Pricing Levels.
  6. It’s Renewable: We’re already planning new products for 2020 and beyond, so your territory has the potential to create increasing cash flow in the years to come. And if you want to renew your Ambassadorship, we’re certainly in favor of that. Renewing your Ambassadorship is easy and totally optional. And, we’ve already posted our Renewal Rates for the upcoming year.
  7. At Our Online Store, Mystery Ryders Books Are Always Priced Far Below MSRP : In Amazon, new Mystery Ryders books are $8.99 each. But at our online store, they’re only $4.99. So, whenever customers want to buy new Mystery Ryder books or merchandise, they have a very good reason to shop at our online store. When they do, that translates into more sales in your territory.
  8. You Can Earn Continuing Income from Referrals: In addition to the commissions you earn as an Ambassador, you can also earn continuing revenue by referring other people. If your referral becomes an Ambassador, you’ll earn 2.5% of all sales made in their territories for as long as he or she remains an Ambassador.
  9. You’re Not Asked to Sell Anything: Okay, let’s cut to the chase: This isn’t one of those hard-sell multi-level-marketing plans where you’re asked to go online and start personally selling stuff. Instead, we hope (but certainly don’t require) that you spread the word about our books and about our five-day-a-week blog for kids, The Daily Ryder. But you’ll never hear us telling you to “sell, sell, sell” because we think our products speak for themselves.
  10. We Have Multiple Sales Channels: Customers can buy our products at our own store, or within the social media platforms we support. Currently, those platforms are Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. When purchasess are made through any of these outlets, you’ll earn commissions on theorizers that are shipped to your territory.
  11. The Deal Is Refundable: After you’ve purchased an Ambassadorship, you have 60 days to change your mind. If you do, we’ll refund your money and cancel your Ambassadorship, no questions asked.
  12. It’s Simple: Once you become a Mystery Ryders Ambassador, we’ll keep up with the details and send you payments quarterly. In our opinion, you can’t ask for a simpler online biz than that.
If you’re interested in becoming a Mystery Ryders Ambassador, please don’t delay. Since there’s only room for one Ambassador per territory, it pays to reserve your territory today.