Marketing Strategy

When it comes to the Mystery Ryders franchise, our train is leaving the station and picking up steam. And we’re inviting a limited number of Ambassadors to come along for the ride. We’re building an online marketing and distribution network that can compete and thrive in the era of Amazon. Here’s a Cliff’s-Notes version of our marketing strategy:

  1. Publish a High-Quality, Must-Read Daily Blog for Kids (and, by Extension, for the Parents and Teachers Who Love Them): We know we’re not objective, but we believe that just about every English-speaking elementary-school student on the planet can benefit from a daily dose of The Daily Ryder. That’s why we’re happy to publish this 5-day-a-week, kid-friendly, Google-Ad-free, content-rich site. The Daily Ryder is not an advertising flyer for The Mystery Ryders. It’s a fun-to-read, fact-filled publication that enlightens and entertains young readers. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself.
  2. Create Fun, Safe, Reader-Friendly Books for KidsThe books in the Mystery Ryders series comprise our primary product line. We’ve maintained control over content, distribution, and price points.
  3. Create Sustainable Income Opportunities for a Select Group of Early-Adopter Ambassadors: Our Ambassadors’ Plan offers an exclusive, sustainable way for early-adopters to generate continuing revenue. Because the plan is based on specific territories, an Ambassador can grow his or her territory right along with the Mystery Ryder franchise. We think it’s a winning formula for everybody.
  4. Offer Everyday Low Pricing on Our Books and Exclusivity on Our Merchandise: When selling our tees and merchandise, it’s simple: we sell those products exclusively at our online store. But bookselling, which was forever changed by Amazon, has has become more complicated. If we were to remove our titles from Amazon, The World’s Largest Online Retailer would still maintain a robust marketplace for used Mystery Ryders titles. And, to make matters worse, if we delisted our books, we would forfeit the ability to establish suggested retail prices on new Mystery Ryders books sold on Amazon. So, instead of abandoning Amazon altogether, we’ve chosen to maintain our suggested retail price (currently $8.99 per book) on Amazon while offering everyday value-pricing ($4.99 per book) at our own online store. Our everyday value-pricing model gives Ambassadors a reason to spread the news about our store. Also, Ambassadors can promote the Mystery Ryders brand  knowing that purchasers (who inevitably price-shop on Amazon) will always find substantially lower prices at our online store. And finally, to push each sale over the finish line, we always offer free shipping on orders of $15 or more.
  5. Expand Product Lines: Initially, our primary product will, inevitably, be physical copies of Mystery Ryder books. But we will continually expand our apparel and merchdise lines at both the Mystery Ryders Store and at We expect our non-book merchandise to gain traction in the third quarter of 2019 and to continue to grow in subsequent years.
  6. Multiple Sales Channels: In addition to our online stores, we also offer products directly on Facebook and Pinterest.
  7. More Mysteries: We’re scheduled to add one or two new mysteries a year to the Mystery Ryder series. In 2019, the next adventure is a riverboat thriller called Mystery on the Mighty Mississippi.
  8. Social Media: We will maintain a social-media presence, and we expect that our Ambassadors and fans will spread the news, too. Each day, The Daily Ryder will provide yet another opportunity for parents and teachers to spread the word about our fun, educational, must-read site for kids.

Summary: A Sustainable Strategy for Growth

Okay, let’s hit the high points. We offer:

  1. A need-to-read, content-rich daily blog for young readers which serves as a valuable tool for elementary-school teachers and homeschool parents;
  2. Great books and merchandise at everyday low prices and free shipping with low minimum purchases;
  3. Cost-effective income opportunities for Mystery Ryders Ambassadors;
  4. Exclusivity on some products and value-pricing on the rest;
  5. A growing line of family-friendly products.

We think it’s a sustainable model for growth. So, what’s not to like? We hope — and believe — that the answer to that question is “nothing.”