What does it mean if I become a Mystery Ryders Ambassador?

It means that you’re entitled to earn 10% from the sale of books or merchandise shipped from our two online stores into your predefined territory. It also may mean that you become a booster of The Daily Ryder and the Mystery Ryders series. 

Can my library become a Mystery Ryders Ambassador?
Yes. But please remember that whether a local Ambassador is an individual, a library, or a non-profit, there can only be one Ambassador per territory.
If I become an Ambassador, do I receive the 10% commission on my own purchase?
Yes. You’ll be paid for all purchases that are shipped into your territory, including your own.
How do I know if becoming a Mystery Ryders Ambassador is right for me?

If you’re a parent, teacher, or grandparent of a young reader, then a Mystery Ryders Starter-set — along with a free 1-year Ambassadorship — may be right for you. To figure it out, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Does my child enjoy reading mysteries? And does my child have friends who might enjoy the Mystery Ryders?
  2. Do I think young readers in my community can benefit from — and enjoy — The Daily Ryder?
  3. Do I know elementary school teachers who should learn about the Mystery Ryder series?
  4. Am I active in social media? And will I be willing to let other parents and teachers know about The Daily Ryder and the Mystery Ryders?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you’re a good candidate. If you answered yes to all of them, you should strongly consider reserving your territory before someone else does.

Can I have more than one territory?

Yes, we not only allow multiple territories, we encourage it for members who intend to become active supporters of the Mystery Ryders and The Daily Ryder. So, if you’re planning on being an active Mystery Ryders Ambassador, you should probably check out neighboring territories to see if any of them are still available.

How often are Ambassadors paid?
We pay our Ambassadors four times each year: once per calendar quarter.


How are payments made to Members?
Currently, we use PayPal. So, to be paid, you’ll need a PayPal account, which is free.
If I'm a Ambassador, can I refer myself to another territory?
No. If we were to allow Ambassadors to refer themselves, we strongly believe that it would undermine the efforts of referral sources. So, the person who first referred you to us will receive credit for any subsequent territories that you acquire.
How do you decide what constitutes a territory?

In most cases, a Ambassador’s territory is comprised of all the cities, towns, and communities within a particular county. So, a typical state like Tennessee, which has 96 counties, has 96 territories.

In a few cases, larger cities are divided into multiple territories. For example, New York City, which has five boroughs, is divided into five territories. And, the Los Angeles area, which encompasses numerous cities and towns, is divided into multiple territories.

If I applied to become a Mystery Ryders Ambassador but allowed my 48-hour waiting period has lapsed, can I reapply?

Certainly  you can reapply for your territory, but your re-application will be considered as a new submission, so if someone else has, in the interim,  applied for your territory, that person’s reservation will be considered before yours.

If I decide to renew my Ambassadorship, what's the deal?

For 2020 renewal rates, check out our Renewals page.