Terms and Conditions

(Otherwise Known as “The Fine Print”)

  • e Mystery Ryders Revenue-Sharing Plan: This revenue-sharing plan is sponsored by MysteryRyders.com and its affiliates. The plan, which is governed by the terms of this document, defines the rights and responsibilities between MysteryRyders.com and individuals, schools, retailers, or libraries, all of which are referred to as “Mystery Ryders Ambassadors.” Mystery Ryders Ambassadors will receive a specified percentage of Sales Revenue (as defined below) based on products that are sold at MysteryRyders.com’s online stores and shipped to physical addresses located within the Ambassadors’ predefined territories.
  • Defining the Term “Participating Online Store”: The term “Participating Online Store” refers to MysteryRydersStore.com.
  • Defining the Term “Sales Revenue”: For the purposes of this agreement, the term “Sales Revenue” is defined as: The invoiced amount paid by customers to the Participating Online Store for the purchase of books and/or merchandise less shipping costs (if any), less taxes (if any), and less returns (if any).
  • Defining the Term “Mystery Ryders Ambassador”: For the purposes of this agreement, a Mystery Ryder Ambassador is defined as a person, a library, a school, or a non-profit organization that, by virtue of its position as a Mystery Ryders Ambassador, is entitled to receive an agreed-upon percentage of Sales Revenue on purchases that are shipped from the Participating Online Store into the Ambassador’s territory. From time to time, Mystery Ryder Ambassadors may also be referred to as “Mystery Ryders Reading Ambassadors” or as “Members.”
  • Defining the Term “Ambassadorship”: For the purposes of this agreement, the term Ambassadorship refers to the rights and benefits that an Ambassador receives from MysteryRyders.com. Ambassadorships are limited to a specific period of time, usually one calendar year or less. And, Ambassadorships may be renewed from year to year based upon terms and conditions established by MysteryRyders.com or its affiliates. The benefits of an Ambassadorship include, but are not necessarily limited to, a percentage of Sales Revenue from the Participating Online Store. From time to time, the Mystery Ryders Ambassadorship may also be referred to as a “Mystery Ryders Reading Ambassadorship” or as a “Membership.”
  • MysteryRyders.com Will Determine the Cost and Term of Each Ambassadorship as Well as the Cost to Renew Each Ambassadorship. MysteryRyders.com (or its affiliates) will determine the cost, the terms and conditions, and the cost-to-renew of each Ambassadorship. MysteryRyders.com will periodicly publish and update these costs and terms on MysteryRydersFriends.com.
  • MysteryRyders.com Will Determine Each Ambassador’s Territory: MysteryRyders.com or its affiliates will identify certain geographical areas (specific cities, towns, and communities) which constitute unique Territories. Payments to Ambassadors will be calculated and paid by MysteryRyders.com (or by its affiliates) based on the Sales Revenue from books and merchandise shipped from Participating Online Stores into the Ambassador’s Territory. These payments will continue for as long as the Ambassador continues to renew his or her Ambassadorship for a particular Territory. Each Ambassador will be given the opportunity to renew his or her Ambassadorship annually, but will be under no obligation to do so. Ambassadors can have multiple Territories.
  • Each Ambassador Is Entitled to Receive Income Based on Sales made at MysteryRydersStore.com: Percentage payouts to Ambassadors will be based upon Sales Revenue resulting from purchases made from the Mystery Ryders’ Participating Online Store: MysteryRydersStore.com. Only sales that are purchased from MysteryRydersStore.com and shipped into the Ambassador’s Territory will be considered when calculating the percentage payout to the Ambassador.
  • Renewal Fee: When a Mystery Ryders Ambassadorship expires, an Ambassador may, at his or her sole discretion, choose to renew the Ambassadorship. The Renewal Fee is the payment made by the Ambassador to MysteryRyders.com (or to its affiliates). The Renewal Fee extends the period of time that the Ambassador retains his or her Ambassadorship. Unless otherwise specified, Renewal Fees will extend the term of this agreement by one year. Renewal fees are subject to change. Such changes, if any, will be posted at MysteryRydersFriends.com.
  • Renewal Fees Will Vary Depending Criteria Established by MysteryRyders.com: The cost and terms of Renewal Fees are determined by MysterRyders.com or its affiliates. Renewal Fees will vary depending upon the population of the Territory or depending upon other demographic criteria that may be determined by MysteryRyder.com or its affiliates.
  • Criteria Used to Define Zones: In most cases, territories will consist of separate counties or other clearly delineated geographic regions. When not otherwise specified, a territory will be deemed to include all cities, towns, communities, and addresses located within that county. MysteryRyders.com or its affiliates reserve the right to modify criteria for establishing the price of Ambassadorships or the price of renewing Ambassadorships. Furthermore, MysteryRyders.com or its affiliates reserve the right to determine which territories it will make available to prospective Ambassadors.
  • Payments to Ambassadors: Each Ambassador will be paid 10% of the retail price for orders that are purchased from MysteryRydersStore.com and are then shipped or delivered into the Ambassador’s predefined territory. This 10% payment applies only to the retail price of goods sold, not to shipping costs paid by the purchaser (if any), or to sales tax paid by the purchaser (if any). Furthermore, the 10% payment will not be paid if books or merchandise are ultimately returned by the purchaser (thus generating a refund payment to the purchaser). The first payments to Ambassadors will be made in January of 2020.  Thereafter, unless otherwise specified, payments to Ambassadors will be made quarterly, in January, April, July, and October of each year.
  • Payments to Ambassadors Are Calculated Only on Purchases Made at MysteryRydersStore.com: Mystery Ryders books and merchandise will, from time to time, be offered for sale on Amazon or on other websites not affiliated with MysteryRyders.com. The 10% Payments to Ambassadors (described above as a percentage of Sales Revenue) applies only to purchases made from MysteryRydersStore.com. In other words, the above-mentioned payments to Members do not apply to the sale of Mystery Ryders books or merchandise sold by online retailers not controlled by and/or affiliated with MysteryRyders.com. Nor do these payments apply to any digital products (E-books), which are sold by third-party vendors and thus cannot be tracked by MysteryRyders.com.
  • Ongoing Payments to Ambassadors as a Result of Referrals: Ambassadors may refer other individuals, schools, retailers, or libraries. When an Ambassador’s referral subsequently qualifies for his or her own Ambassadorship  the referring Ambassador (i.e.: the Ambassador who made the referral) will be entitled to 2.5% of Sales Revenue from all purchases that are shipped from MysteryRydersStire.com into the referral’s territory. For example, if an Ambassador refers someone whose territory accounts for total Sales Revenue of $10,000 from participating stores, the referring Ambassador will receive $250 (2.5% of $10,000). In the event of a dispute concerning which Ambassador is most responsible for a particular referral, MysteryRyders.com reserves the right to make the final decision and assign the referral as it sees fit.
  • Ambassador’s Right to Terminate This Agreement at Any Time without Penalty: Ambassadors may terminate this agreement at their sole discretion, and at any time, without penalty.
  • Tracking Sales: MysteryRyders.com and its affiliates will use reasonable efforts to track—and to give credit for—all sales that are shipped into each Ambassador’s territory. As a primary tracking tool, MysteryRyders.com will use the name of a city or town to assign retail sales and compute the above-described payments. While MysteryRyders.com will strive to assign each sale to its appropriate Territory, absolute accuracy cannot guaranteed in every case.
  • Payments to Ambassadors: MysteryRyders.com or its affiliates will pay Members quarterly. Payments will be made in a form and method to be determined by MysteryRyders.com or its affiliates. Currently, MysteryRyders.com will make payments to Ambassadors through PayPal. Initial payments to Ambassadors will be made in January of 2020.
  • Ambassadors Are Not Employees: Ambassadors are not deemed to be employees of Mystery Ryders.com or any of its affiliates.
  • Relevant Tax Forms: If MysteryRyders.com determines that certain tax forms are required in order make payments to an Ambassador , the Ambassador agrees to provide sufficient information for MysteryRyders.com to properly document payments to the Ambassador.
  • Settling Disputes: In the event that disputes arise from any events related to this agreement, MysteryRyders.com reserves the right to submit the disagreement to arbitration conducted by an independent third party selected by MysteryRyder.com or its affiliate. As an alternative means of settling the dispute, MysteryRyders.com may, at its sole discretion, choose to refund prorated Renewal Fees (if any) or other fees (if any) made by the Ambassador to MysteryRyders.com during the previous 12 months. In such cases, the prorated refund (i.e. the prorated refund of the Ambassador’s Renewal Fees or the refund of other fees made by the Ambassador to MysteryRyders.com or its affiliates) will be deemed as payment in full for any and all disputed amounts. 
  • Notice of Cancellation by Either Party: Either party t this agreement — either the the Ambassador or MysterRyders.com — can cancel this agreement without giving cause or prior notice. Such cancellation shall be made either by notifying the other party by mail, by e-mail, by text message, or by online notification at MysteryRydersFriends.com. In the event MysteryRyders.com cancels the agreement, MysteryRyders.com agrees to pay the Ambassador the total amount of any commissions earned up to and including the date of cancellation. Additionally, in the event of MysteryRyders.com cancels this agreement, MysteryRyders.com agrees to refund any fees (paid by Ambassadors to MysteryRyders.com or its affiliates) on a pro-rata basis. Upon cancellation, neither party will be required to pay — or entitled to receive — any additional payments (including but not limited to termination fees) from the other party.
  • Contest Rules and Other Details That Are Not Specifically Addressed in This Agreement: MysteryRyders.com may, at its sole discretion, create contest rules, offer discounts, offer coupons, make modifications to its business model, make clarifications to its website, or make other changes that are deemed necessary for the successful operation of its business.
  • MysteryRyders.com Can Send E-Mail Notifications to Ambassador: MysteryRyders.com will communicate with Ambassadors via e-mail. As a part of this agreement, the Ambassador gives MysteryRyders.com the right to send relevant e-mails to  the Ambassador. Each Ambassador, at his or her sole discretion, can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Modifications to This Agreement: MysteryRyders.com reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this agreement by posting modifications to this document on this website.

This Document Was Last Revised on September 10, 2019